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About Us

Who is Carbon Neutral Technology

Current situation

As global citizens, we recognize that every tonne of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere has a global impact. We are also faced with the ever-expanding challenge of eWaste (49.8MM metric tonnes of eWaste expected to have ended up in a landfill in 2018). The mining and manufacturing of new technology is a major contributor to CO2 emissions worldwide.

Our contribution

Our solution is to provide professionally refurbished carbon neutral technology – environmentally friendly technology with purpose.

By purchasing a CO2Neutral refurbished device, the CO2 emissions that are created during the manufacturing of a new device are avoided.  As a result of our refurbishing process, we were able to develop the protocol to quantify these emissions savings, a process which is verified and supported by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), where each carbon credit is registered with a unique serial number.  Each Carbon Neutral Technology device sold on Amazon is sold with a carbon credit, making it carbon neutral purchase for its second life!  

What this means for you

When you buy a carbon neutral product, you are buying a sustainable product and are directly contibuting to a cleaner planet.

Verified CO2Neutral™ is a trademark, branded solution. Verified CO2Neutral was created as a practical, cost-saving option for businesses and organizations to receive financial value for End-of-First-Life™ technology. All the while generating carbon credits!

About Verified CO2Neutral™ via registered carbon credits at co2neutral.ca.